About the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)

WERS is a performance-based water efficiency program for both new and existing residential properties. This approach to water efficiency preserves design freedom and product choice flexibility. Third-party analysis and data collection is utilized to generate both a score and predict water usage for single-family and multifamily properties.

Why is WERS Needed?

We may not necessarily know where or when the next drought crisis will occur, but we can monitor its impact. At the same time, what if we could predict water use for both new and existing construction? What if we could estimate the potential impact of new construction on water treatment needs and storm water? Wouldn’t the information generated be of value to planners of municipal infrastructure, design professionals, and potential home buyers or current home owners? View the current U.S. Drought Monitor Map by clicking the button below.

The Elements of WERS

Much research was done to calculate the loading from the main plumbing fixtures, clothes washers and pipe priming and their eventual impact on the WERS. The program calculates indoor water use empirically, based on the estimated loading of the above items while taking into account their associated efficiencies. WERS also includes the ability to account for outdoor water use, which includes rainwater and greywater catchment calculations. Depending on the verified filtration methods for rainwater and greywater, they can be used to offset indoor water use. Additionally, any remaining unused rainwater or greywater can be credited to potential outdoor use.

The 247certs Conformity Process

We utilize the 247certs conformity process. Services harness the immense power available in collaborative product approvals. Our team of experts is skilled at delivering innovative, integrated approval capabilities with thought leadership, advanced technologies, and services.