About the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)

WERS is a performance-based water efficiency program for both new and existing residential properties. This approach to water efficiency preserves design freedom and product choice flexibility. Third-party analysis and data collection is utilized to generate both a score and predict water usage for single-family and multifamily properties.

WERS History & Design

The Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)® is a third-party verified tool that is used to predict water use for new and existing properties. The Program was codified in the City of Santa Fe as of October 27, 2016. WERS currently utilizes spreadsheet technology for implementation. When the web-based app is fully programmed, there will be an online version for WERS Consultants & design teams, and a field application for WERS Verifiers. The online version for design teams will not require as much initial information to generate a preliminary WERS. What we present on this site is the data collection necessary for the Verifier.

The Benefits of WERS

  • Potential financial incentives: Reduced tap and/or storm water impact fees
  • Tax credits: Cited in rules for compliance in the NM Sustainable Building Tax Credit
  • Support of codes, regulations, and enforcement: Incorporated into the Santa Fe Residential Green Building Code (SFRGBC); code compliance option for City of Santa Barbara (CA) multifamily properties, Vermont energy code “Package Plus Points” code compliance path
  • Green Building Programs: Performance option for water efficiency criteria in Built Green Canada, Austin Energy’s Green Building Program, and Built Green (Washington); generic version of WERS incorporated into 2020 National Green Building Standard for single-family and multifamily properties; dual certification in WaterSense for Homes 2.0
  • Long term conservation of a precious and essential resource

The 247certs Conformity Process

We utilize the 247certs conformity process. Services harness the immense power available in collaborative product approvals. Our team of experts is skilled at delivering innovative, integrated approval capabilities with thought leadership, advanced technologies, and services.